Friday, November 5, 2010


ESPN broadcasting is about to bring you the world’s first 3D network. ESPN 3D is promising to show no less than 80 live 3D events in its inaugural year, to include FIFA World Cup matches, football, basketball and expanding to cover the X Games featuring skateboarding and rally car racing all live, and all right in the middle of your living room.

Of course to have access to all this high tech wizardry you will need a 3D ready television, and some 3D glasses, and we’re not talking about the newest plastic ones that replace the cardboard red eye, blue eye numbers of yesteryear, we’re talking sophisticated battery operated shutter glasses and you will need a 3D ready set top box from your multichannel video

Discovery Communications is following right behind ESPN and has teamed up with the folks that bring you IMAX in the hopes of having their own 3D offering sometime next year. Unlike ESPN 3D, the Discovery Channel will have 3D programming available 24/7.

I can’t imagine watching a game with the players running past me in my living room, it will be difficult to resist the urge to stick my foot out and “trip” a member of the opposing team, but I’m willing to grab a cold one, make some popcorn, and try to control myself!

Source: ESPN

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  1. Great article. This seems like its going to be really cool. I have a 3D setup using my computer and I would have to say, its come along way. This will be great for the football games!!!!!!!